General cardiology

Cardiology is a specialization of medicine which focuses on finding, treating and helping to prevent diseases of the heart. Common heart-related conditions that are treated/screened in the office:

Coronary artery disease
Valvular heart disease
Heart failure
Rhythm disease
Cardiac arrest
High blood pressure
Cardiovascular risk factors (smoking, high cholesterol level, overweight, diabetes etc…)
Inherited cardiac conditions (genetic heart diseases).


Dr. TRAN can see you in Vevey and in Lausanne

In Vevey
Rue du Midi 41, 1800 Vevey      
Tel: +41 21 512 04 60        
Fax: + 41 21 512 04 61

In Lausanne
Rue du Grand-Chêne 8, 1003 Lausanne
Tel: +41 21 321 05 10

Dr. TRAN can see you in the Swiss Riviera

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